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$10 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
¾” Slotted tool
10 Storage Bags
12 Tags with Punched Hold
2-Tone Multi Color Package
350 Free Standard Color Strips - listed on receipt at $0.00
3D Christmas Kit
45 Degree Quilling Paper Fringer
5 1/4" X 7 1/4" Blank Cards - 8 colors
6 Tri-Fold with Circle Opening
6 Tri-Fold with Heart Opening
6 Tri-Fold with Oval Opening
6 Tri-Fold with Square Window Opening
90 Degree Quilling Paper Fringer
A Scrapbooker's Christmas
A to Z Collection Kit
A Touch of Gold
A Touch of Gold - Black
A Touch of Gold-Bright White
A Touch of Gold-Soft Ivory
A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver - Black
A Touch of Silver - Bright White
A Touch of Silver - Soft Ivory
All Occasion Gift Tag Kit
Alphabet and Numbers Kit
Alphabet Letter Kit
Amethyst Mirror Foil
Animal Buddies Kit
Arctic Buddies Quilling Kit
Autumn Sparkling Mixed Paper
Autumn Tones
Baby Theme Kit
Ball Ornament, 2-3/8"
Ball Ornament, 4"
Beginner Kit
Beige 1/8 Paper"
Berry Sampler Kit
Birthday Kit
Black 1/8 Paper"
Black Accessory Sheets
Black Size: 1/16"
Blue and Green Assortment 1/8"
Blue Ice Strips 1/8"
Blue Parchment
Blush 1/8 Paper"
Blush Pearl
Border Buddy
Bottle Cap With Needle Tip Applicator
Brass Metallic
Bridal Bliss Kit
Bride and Groom Miniatures
Bright Assortment 1/8"
Bright White
Bright White
Bright White
Bright White
Bright White 1/8 Paper"
Bright White Accessory Sheets
Bright White Size: 1/2"
Bright White Size: 5/8"
Bright Yellow
British Bird Kit 1
British Bird Kit 2
British Bird Kit 3
Brown 1/8 Paper"
Brown and Tan Assortment 1/8"
Burgundy Strips 1/8"
Butterfly Fluorescent Kit
Cadet Blue
Candy Apple Mirror Foil
Celery Strips 1/8"
Champagne Pearl
Charcoal Metallic
Chess Set
Christmas Angels
Christmas Card and Gift Tags
Christmas Collection
Christmas Decorations Kit
Christmas Kit
Christmas Ornament Kit
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Quilling
Christmas Quilling Book
Circle Sizer Ruler
City of the Dead
Clear Photo Box 5 1/8 X 7 1/8
Clear Photo Box 8 1/8 X 10 1/8
Cocoa Brown Strips 1/8"
Combing Quilling Kit
Cool Colors Mixed Paper
Copper Metallic
Coral Pearl
Cornflower SPECK-tacular
Craft Glue & Needle Tip
Crafter's Pick Glue - The Ultimate
Creamy White
Creamy White
Creamy White
Crimper Tool
Crimson 1/8 Paper"
Crimson Metallic
Crystal Coat Glaze
Cupcake Treasure Box Kit
Curling Coach
Dark Center Graduated Mixed Paper
Dark Grey 1/8 Paper"
Dark Taupe
Deep Aqua
Deep Blue
Deep Blue 1/8 Paper"
Deep Red
Deep Red Accessory Sheets
Deep Rose
Deep Yellow 1/8 Paper"
D-Lux Quilling Tool Set
Domed Greeting Cards, Oval
Domed Greeting Cards, Round
Double-Sided Storage Box
Earth-Tones Mixed Paper
Easter Cross Kit
Electric Blue Mirror Foil
Elegant Floral Cards Quilling Kit
Emerald Green Mirror Foil
Emerald Metallic
Emerald Pearl
Fall Assortment 1/8"
Fall Greeting Cards Kit
Fall Harvest Kit
Farm Animals Kit
Farm Animals Kit
Federal Blue
Fern Green
Filigree Earrings Kit
Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Quilt Blocks
Fine Tip Slotted Tool
Fish Fluorescent Kit
Flesh/Pale Peach
Floral Alphabet Booklet
Floral Border Kit
Floral Borders Kit
Flower Sampler
Flowers & Friends
Flowers and Butterflies Kit
Foliage Colors
Forest Buddies Kit
Forest Green 1/8 Paper"
Forest Green Mirror Foil
Fringed Flowers Hybrids
Fringer Base Board
Fringing Scissors
Fuschia 1/8 Paper"
Galaxy Silver Mirror Foil
Garden Pals
Garnet Mirror Foil
Gift Tags-All Occasion
Gift Tags-Christmas
Glistening Aqua 1/8"
Glistening Green 1/8"
Glistening Multi Color
Glistening Multi Color Size: 1/4"
Glistening Multi Color Size: 3/8"
Glistening Red
Glistening Violet 1/8"
Glistening Yellow
Glue Pens
Gold Metallic
Gold Rush Metallic
Graduated Mixed Paper
Graduated Multi Quilling Paper
Grape 1/8 Paper"
Grape Strips 1/8"
Green Shades Mixed Paper
Green Strips 1/16"
Green Strips 3/8"
Grid Guide
Guardian of the Flame
Guide Board
Heart Paperweight/Coaster
Herb Sampler
Hexagon Paperweight/Coaster
Holiday Assortment
Holiday Designs
Holiday Green
Holiday Green
Holiday Green
Holiday Green
Holiday Ornaments Kit
Holiday Sculpture Kit
Holiday Sparkling Mixed Paper
Holiday Wreaths
Husking Hoops & Loops Kit
Ivory 1/8 Paper"
Ivory Notecards 5x7" Value Pack"
Jane Jenkins' 30 Beginners' Designs
Jane Jenkins' 80 Quilled Gift Tags
Jane Jenkins' First Quilling DVD
Jane Jenkins Second Quilling DVD
Jane Jenkins' Techniques in Quilling, Book 1
Jane Jenkins' Techniques in Quilling, Book 2
Jewel Tones Sparkling Paper
Jeweltone Multi Pack
Jeweltones Accessory Sheets
Jungle Buddies Kit
Just for Little Boys Kit
Just for Little Girls Kit
Keepsake Keychain
Leaf Green
Leaf Green
Leaf Green 1/8 Paper"
Light Blue
Light Blue 1/8 Paper"
Light Brown 1/8 Paper"
Light Grey 1/8 Paper"
Light Pink 1/8 Paper"
Lighter Shades Mixed Paper
Lilac 1/8 Paper"
Lime Green 1/8 Paper"
Lime Pearl
Lime Strips 1/8"
Little Critters Kit
Loganberry Metallic
Mandarin Metallic
Meadow Green
Merlot Metallic
Metallic Multi-Pack
Metallics Sparkling Paper
Micro Scissors
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